Current Projects and funding

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Train to Gain (TTG)

European Social Fund (ESF)

Skills Funding Agency (SFA)

Volunteering and Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

• Immigration Casework

• Refugee Integration Programmes

Train to gain (TTG) is a project that addresses the needs of employers in London by providing free training for their workforce. Train to Gain is part of the UK Governments Solutions for Business, a wide portfolio of highly targeted, publicly funded business support products and services, designed to help eligible English businesses grow and succeed. A broad range of training is covered – from basic level skills to Level 2, Level 3 and other higher-level skills such as Leadership and Management.

The European Social Fund (ESF) was set up to improve employment opportunities in the European Union and so help raise standards of living. It aims to help people fulfil their potential by giving them better skills and better job prospects.

Skills Funding Agency (SFA) are an agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and whose job is to fund and regulate adult further education and skills training in England. The main mission of SFA is to ensure that people and businesses can access the skills training they need to succeed in playing their part in society and in growing England’s economy. This is done in the context of policy set by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and informed by the needs of businesses, communities and sector and industry bodies.

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) services play a very important role in delivering the Skills adult learners. IAG promote the benefits of learning, help individuals to address and overcome the barriers to learning, and support them in making realistic and well informed choices. IAG involves a range of vital services which are an integral and valued part of adult learning that help learners to make very important decisions about their future.

Immigration Casework and Refugee Integration Programmes help deliver much needed help and advice to refugees and provide learning that will assist them to find employment and access vital services thus aiding their integration into society.

Refugee Integration Programmes provides more innovative measures to support the integration of refugees into mainstream economic activity and active citizenship thus enabling people to make a full contribution to their community and achieve their full potential. This project targets people who are recognised as having refugee status under the 1951 UN Convention or those with Humanitarian Protection, Discretionary Leave or Exceptional Leave to remain in the UK leading to settlement where appropriate. The focus of the project addresses the two key issues for refugees identified in Integration Matters and Working to Rebuild Lives.