Our Organisation

Our organisation is built on the principle of providing quality and reliable  services to our clients and beneficiaries.

Our diversified range of services continues to grow and by listening to our clients and beneficiaries we able to improve standards bringing us closer to our goals.

Our unique services has established our place in the community and allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact to the people we serve.

We operate from different training sites and also provide on-site training for employees of businesses where appropriate. In this way our services may reach the community and businesses by bringing our excellent training to your door step.

Our sites are well equiped with teaching and learning resources that aim at enhancing the adult learning expirence and help motivate learners to achieve their goals

Our team comprises of experienced professional teachers and administrators who will endeavour to assist all clients and beneficiaries. The team aspires to do their best in providing advice, support, and guidance to all learners as well as meeting all other agreed needs of the learner.

We value the diversity of our community and ensure equality of opportunity and access to appropriate services.The team have a culture focused on continous improvement and responding to the needs of our community.