The Uganda Community Relief Association (UCRA) is a registered charitable organisation /company registered in England and Wales specialising in training, education, consultancy and research; with a special emphasis on the numeracy and literacy needs of adults and children in the minority and ethnic communities. UCRA designs and delivers a range of courses that will facilitate participants when finding a job; through developing soft skills, providing more self-confidence andby securing qualifications that should ultimately lead to employment.

UCRA is a non-profit organisation originally funded by well wishers within the community and is open to everybody; subject to government funding criteria. People from disadvantaged backgrounds, homeless and single parents have the most to gain from this enterprise, as it is a wonderful stepping stone to finding a job. The centre has a great reputation within the community for providing training and basic skills. Around 300 to 400 people register with UCRA in a typical year and with over 85% pass rate, most student will progress into business or further education of some kind. Therer are many different courses and subjects to study including Literacy, Numeracy, English for speakers of another language (ESOL), Business Administration, NVQ Health and Social Care, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and NVQ Customer Care. Many successfull graduates of these courses go straight into full-time employment or progress to further education. You may also receive support and guidance in free citizenship training on issues affecting you and your access to vital services as an aid to ithe ntergration into society.

UCRA formed over 26 years ago in 1984, with the initial aim of assiting Asian Ugandan refugees deported by the then Ugandan government. Initial funding came from well wishers and other organisations. During the intervening years, UCRA has adapted to changes in funding policies and has attracted financial support from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), European Social Fund (ESF), London Councils, Uk Border Agency (UBA), and other public agencies.

Company limited by guarantee, registration number: 4304151.

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Uganda Community Relief Association
Selby Centre
Selby Road
London, N17 8JL